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Solar Thermal Hot Water Course (2 days)

Having seen the successful implementation of the first phase of incentives in 2011 for home owners to facilitate Solar Thermal Hot Water, the second domestic phase is due to be carried out in October 2012.  This is sure to cause a sharp increase in the number of homeowners requiring plumbers or renewable energy installers to install these systems.

Due to the changes enforced on social housing and this second phase of incentives to private home owners, skilled plumbers and energy installers will find that Solar Thermal Hot Water training now, will be a savvy, wise and future proof  investment.

This is a full solar course that we provide in our state of the art renewable energy training centre using specially designed training rigs designed to prepare you for real installations.  Our Solar courses run throughout the year, and of course attract funding specifically aimed at innovation.

The Scheme will assess an Individual’s competence to carry out work safely within the various environmental and related technology sectors designated in schedule 2A of the Building Regulations. The Scheme is not intended to assess an Individual’s competence in other areas of work, which are often undertaken within the complete range of work activity. Employers, employees and the self-employed should recognise the responsibilities and duties they have under all legislation that encompasses their range of work.

The Scheme shall be available to Individuals both with and without preparatory training.  Candidates applying for the first time under this scheme will undertake an initial assessment; however, for those candidates who are renewing their assessments, under this scheme may be eligible to take a reassessment.  The Schemes comprise of a number of safety Assessments, which can be tailored to reflect an Individuals area of work. Each Assessment is subdivided into elements that reflect the competence that an Individual is required to demonstrate in accordance with Assessment criteria.  The Assessment(s) require an Individual to complete practical and/or written assessments dependent the assessment/scheme selected. Where necessary, Individuals may be asked oral questions posed by an Assessor.

A prerequisite of the Solar Hot Water Course Is

Competence in a conventional fuel or a relevant plumbing qualification such as an NVQ Level 2 or equivalent and in addition to this:

*these courses can be run alongside the solar course.

There are 11 Core Subjects Covered:

Background information

Regulations and Standards


Solar Energy


System Configuration

Sizing solar thermal systems


Collector Installation

Equipment and Controls

Commissioning and servicing.

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