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CMDDA1 Carbon Monoxide/Carbon Dioxide Domestic Atmosphere & Appliance Testing

CMDDA1 is an ACS assessment that tests the gas safety competence of an operative in the work of carrying out carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide room monitoring & combustion performance.

It is NOT a mandatory requirement but will aid a registered gas engineer responding to a report of a smell of fumes from a gas appliance or the activation of a CO alarm in domestic premises where:

This will also aid the Local Authorities and nominated subcontractors responding to calls from their tenants.

The Pre-requisites for this course are:

Areas of work are:

Domestic Natural Gas and Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

Covers the use of analysers to determine ambient levels of CO and presence of CO2 in dwellings, CO and CO2 in combustion products from flueless appliances (Type A), open flue appliances (Type B), and room sealed appliances (Type C).

During the course the candidates will be assessed on the following:

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a customer suspects fumes due to activation of a CO alarm

a customer suspects fumes due to signs of spillage or smells being emitted from a gas appliance

 a customer contacts ‘The Carbon Monoxide and Gas Safety Society’ and they recommend that a Gas Safe Registered Installer with the appropriate competencies is required

CCN1/CCLP1 + CPA1 or;

CCN1/CCLP1 as from 1st April 2015 or;

A valid equivalent NVQ or QCF qualification plus appropriate domestic appliance(s)

Carrying out ambient CO, CO2 testing and combustion performance analysis using electronic portable gas analysers on domestic gas appliances in dwellings following:

Indication of fumes


Spillage or leakage of combustion products

CO detector activation

Interpretation of results and responses from householder or other party.

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