This Gas Safety Assessment is designed to test the gas safety competence of an operative in core domestic gas work using both practical and knowledge based understanding and assessment.  This Gas Safety Assessment comprises of 15 Core Competencies:

The Gas Safety Legislation

Gas Emergency Actions and Procedures

Characteristics of Combustion


Installation of Pipe work & Fittings

Tightness Testing and Purging of Domestic Sized NG Installations

Checking and/or Setting Meter Regulators

Identification of Unsafe Situations & the Use of Emergency Notices & Warning Labels

The Operation of and Positioning of Emergency Isolation Controls & Valves

Checking and Setting of Appliance Burner Pressures & Gas Rates

The Operation & Checking of Appliance Gas Safety Devices & Controls

Flue Standards

Flue Testing

Installation of Open, Balanced & Fan Assisted Flue Assemblies

Re-establish Existing Gas Supply & Relight Appliances

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