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After your successful assessment, you will be mailed your certificate and you will then need to undertake the COMCAT assessments to enable you to work in your chosen areas unsupervised.

This changeover gas safety assessment  will enable those who currently perform domestic natural gas work, to expand their range of gas work into field of commercial catering. Having gained this qualification, you will be able to apply for the COMCAT assessments, to enable you to work unsupervised on commercial catering gas appliances. The candidate must have a current ACS CCN1 certificate.

This course covers current practices in the areas of:

This Gas Safety Assessment comprises of 12 Core Competencies:

Gas Commercial Catering (CODC1) (Changeover Domestic to Commercial Core)






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Commercial catering appliance gas safety (catering gas fired ranges, expansion water boilers, baine marie’s, ovens, stockpot stoves, boiling pans and hot cupboards).


Commercial catering appliance gas safety (catering deep fat fryers, grills and griddles etc).


Tightness testing (appliance supply)

Ventilation and flues including canopies



Controls including canopy interlocks

Unsafe situations and emergency actions

The course covers current practices in the areas of:

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Course duration of one day should be sufficient to complete each of the assessments.  The subjects are wide ranging and are mainly covered in the classroom. This is by lecturer input and written exercises. There are practical tasks also, in certain areas of work.  The ACS assessments vary with the subject, but all include multiple-choice theory paper/s and practical tasks.